Natalia Straus' Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
Given how this film addresses the role of the state and the responsibility of both citizens and leaders maintain control within their communities, did any of your beliefs or understanding of the role of the state change throughout making this?
I just couldn’t get over Dr. Mireles’ relationship with his “girlfriend.” I’m wondering if you could talk a little about that: how that affected you, what you chose to share in the film, what it says about men in leadership roles, what you think it says about his character, etc.
Lisa Toy
Speaking of integrity, can we take a minute to discuss the ethics of investigative journalism? As the person behind the camera, when you are acting for the benefit of the greater good, are there exceptions to one’s usual moral or journalistic code? Is it ethical to omit information to gather information? Is it ethical to stand by when you catch objectively unethical practices on camera? Are you obligated to provide a disclaimer or condemn these actions when you present them to an audience?
Lisa Toy
The elephant in the room is immigration. My mom commented that some audience members may leave this film thinking “Build that wall.” What message do you want audiences take from the film as it relates to immigration from Central America in this country?
Adela Thompson Page
What were your intentions with including film of vigilantes on both sides of the US-Mexican border? What was the video of the vigilantes in Arizona intended to add to the film?
Lisa Toy
Nora Estrada
When there is a failure of the state like that of the Mexican government that you noted earlier, to what degree do you believe the actions of vigilante groups like the Autodefensas are morally permissible? Although at times overly violent and corrupt, if the brutality of the Autodefensas was, in fact, necessary to rid towns of cartel members, do you believe that they were morally justified?
Thank you both so much!
Natalia Straus
thank you guys!